What we do—

Egg delivers simple, bold truths.

Our core strength is rooted in simplicity. As we explore the messiness of modern life, we create bold solutions that are profoundly simple to embrace because they’re rooted in fundamental human truths.

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Number 1

/connective insight

We provide penetrating insight into the web of relationships that shape the totality of our everyday.

Through deep behavioral observation and targeted inquiry, Egg strategists are able to truly connect brands with consumers and the moments that matter most to them, revealing new opportunities for brand action and growth.

  • generation & modern-day tribes
  • target & occasion illumination
  • engagement & path-to-purchase mapping
  • needographic segmentation
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Number 2

/momentum strategy

We help brands close the gap between aspirations and actions.

We accomplish this via brand and consumer strategies that motivate people to lean into their most energized and positive intentions.

  • brand renovation & stretch
  • positioning & communication strategy
  • channel & digital strategy
  • activation & insight planning
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Number 3

/habitual innovation

We create big ideas that seamlessly integrate with the routine of everyday life.

With deep understanding of the rituals, routines and habits that drive new product adoptions, our innovation strategies and concept development inspire action.

  • innovation strategy & need mapping
  • new brand creation
  • The Hatchery—facilitated sessions
  • concept development & testing

Core verticals—

In-the-Trenches Expertise

After more than a decade of focus and experience we have developed three core areas of expertise: Lifestyle, Health and CPG. This means you get best-in-class service from skilled Project Leaders and team members who have dedicated themselves to these spaces and work in the trenches on a global scale everyday.


/egg lifestyle

The Lifestyle group serves a wide variety of industries and brands, from apparel to spirits to travel, which are often indicators of tribal identity and affiliation. These brands speak to people who live fluidly across categories where discretionary spending more often satisfies deep desires, aspirations and experiences than more rational needs.


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Case Story: Rare to Routine Contact our Lifestyle team

/egg cpg

The Egg CPG team works across everyday home and food categories from frozen meals to fresh produce, and in beverages from juice and CSD’s to bottled water and enhanced health drinks. At a global level, we explore the entire spectrum of needs associated with everyday people’s most frequent purchases.


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Case Story: Courting the Creators Contact our CPG team

/egg health

At Egg Health, we partner with patients, caregivers, consumers and Healthcare Professionals to uncover deep insight, emotional and functional needs, and drivers of growth. We understand and uncover patient and HCP journeys, reveal opportunities for innovation, and help define brand strategy and positioning.


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Experimentation & Invention—

Future Forward Stance

We are restless, curious and active. We turn the work we do for clients back on ourselves to shape the future of consumer insights, strategic modeling and meaningful innovation practices.

/egg labs

Egg Labs is our internal innovation group in continuous pursuit of creative solutions to the ever-evolving challenges facing our clients.

By harnessing technology and new consumer data streams we’ve built an entirely new concept testing method based on crowdsourcing principles, accessed the daily moments of a person’s life from their vantage point, and crafted an immersive consumer journey tool to help clients make informed, empathetic decisions.

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