How we fell asleep while creating an entirely new product category.

entering the nascent but emerging category of sleep support


Sleep Product Image

The Challenge

We were approached by a leading product manufacturer with a challenge we couldn’t resist: Envisioning and framing the development of an entire aisle’s worth of new products to help people rest better.

The Insight

shifting focus to awake needs radically changes the vantage point


The Strategy

Falling asleep has a few lead products but nobody had yet ventured into the unchartered territory of sleep as a vital link to well-being. Actual sleep is only a part of the 24 hour energy cycle, which was a conclusion consumers were reaching well before the industry.

24 Hour Sleep Cycle

The Solution

Inside the confusing and mysterious world of both sleep and awake aspirations, Egg found huge opportunities for the brand to become a regular part of the everyday routine. Our recommendations included several product lines with many SKU’s that have our client reaping the rewards and sleeping like a baby.

Work with Egg

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